April 28, 2023

Why choose a traineeship? 6 advantages

You have just graduated or are about to graduate. What next? The world is at your feet and the can go in all directions: will you work, continue your studies, do nothing for a while, start your own company or begin an entry-level job. But there is another option not included in this list – a traineeship.

Why take a traineeship?

A traineeship is an (entry-level) position with an employer in which you are trained as a trainee to become a specialist in a field. The programme of a traineeship focuses on the combination of working and learning.  In this blog, we go over the pros and cons of a traineeship.

Advantages of a traineeship

When you have so many options, why choose a traineeship? Actually, a traineeship is ‘the best of both worlds’. You work and learn at the same time. Of course, this is by no means the only advantage of a traineeship. Here are six advantages of a traineeship:

Personal coaching by professionals

During a traineeship you will receive personal coaching. You will be paired with a personal coach, former trainee or mentor, for example. Together with this coach, you will look at your personal development throughout your traineeship. Together, you will look at points of development and how you can improve them. During your traineeship, you will also work together with professionals from the field, from whom you can learn a lot.

Work on your personal development

One of the advantages of a traineeship is that you work on your personal development. This is done through, for example, training in leadership, effective communication, presenting, etc. As a result, you have a steep learning curve and develop into a versatile professional within two years. You will not do this alone, but together with the above-mentioned coach and, of course, your fellow trainees.

Paid training opportunities

Another, not entirely unimportant, advantage of a traineeship is the salary that comes with it. You receive an entry-level salary and your training is paid for: a win-win situation.

Enlarge your network

During your traineeship, you will work on multiple assignments with different organisations and/or departments. You will also build relationships with your fellow trainees and have the opportunity to come into contact with clients, suppliers and customers. As a result, you will get to know many people and build a large network over the two years. Having a large network is important for your further career and offers interesting opportunities for the future.

Sparring with fellow trainees

You often do not follow a traineeship alone, but with a group of fellow trainees. These ambitious young professionals often come from different fields of study, which in turn offers new opportunities to learn things. Another advantage of a group of fellow trainees is that you can spar with each other about situations you encounter during your project. And of course it is also good for fun and social contacts.

Clear picture of organisations

During the two years of your traineeship, you get the chance to look into different kitchens. As a result, you will get to know many organisations in a relatively short time and get a clear picture of all the possibilities. This way, you will also know which companies are right for you and which are not.

Does a traineeship offer only advantages?

With all these advantages, you almost wonder whether there are any disadvantages to a traineeship. Before you sign up, do keep in mind the following disadvantages of a traineehsip. It can be difficult to specialise because your function differs per assignment. As a result, you develop yourself broadly, but not specialist. A traineeship is also an intensive programme. You work and attend training courses, some of which can also take place in the evening after working hours. One last thing to bear in mind is that the application procedure is strict. Traineeships are popular and therefore the demands that organisations place on their trainees are high. The selection also often consists of several rounds and an assessment.

Do the benefits of a traineeship suit you?

Did you just get excited after reading this article? Do you see only advantages of a traineeship and do you see disadvantages of a traineeship as a challenge? Then take a quick look at our Venturn Young Professional Programme. The traineeship in the maritime supply chain.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of a traineeship?

A traineeship has many advantages. You receive personal coaching by professionals, it is a paid programme, you can spar with fellow trainees, you get a clear picture of different organisations and you expand your network. In addition, you not only work on your professional but also your personal development.

Are there any disadvantages to a traineeship?

The disadvantages of a traineeship are that there are strict selection requirements. You also need to be motivated to work hard and want to invest time in your own development. You are also often tied to an organisation for two years.

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