February 27, 2024

Young Port Talent 2024: From VYP to distant horizons

The modern port authority relies as much on data and knowledge as it does on physical handling and labour. Former Venturn colleague Charlotte Janssen emphasises this with her election as Young Port Talent 2024. Through the Venturn Young Professional (VYP) training programme and Venturn, she has become one of the leading young professionals in the modern port authority. It’s something to be proud of, as young professionals with similar perspectives come aboard the VYP programme every year. 

Choosing the right course can be challenging as a young professional with ambitions for yourself and the world. You have to balance career, time, principles, and personal life. At Venturn, we help you navigate this path with plenty of room for your input and talent. We provide a horizon, but you chart the course. And sometimes, as Charlotte Janssen’s journey demonstrates, you end up in surprising places. 

Young Port Talent of 2024 

The maritime supply chain is both more complex and essential than ever. Local conflicts with global consequences and the prices we pay at the store, as a result, emphasise this fact. It requires knowledge and systematic thinking. That’s why there’s increasing attention to these aspects within the maritime supply chain. This increased awareness is evident with the election of a yearly Young Port Talent to highlight and encourage young talent in the maritime world. 

The election is an initiative of the (Young) Port Association Rotterdam and is awarded annually during the Day of the Port, which took place this year in a packed ‘Nieuwe Luxor’ Theatre in Rotterdam. During this edition, speakers such as Boudewijn Siemons (CEO of the Port of Rotterdam), Robert Simons (Councillor for Port, Economy, Hospitality, and Governance at the Municipality of Rotterdam), and Berte Simons (Chair of the Task Force for Negative Emissions) presented their vision on the challenges awaiting the Port of Rotterdam. While developing solutions for these challenges, young talent can significantly impact outcomes. 

The Day of the Port and the election are serious matters. After a formal application process, there’s a final round with heavy competition. For Charlotte (now Business Manager at Portbase), this year’s competition included Rosanne van Houwelingen (researcher and lecturer at Erasmus University for the Master Urban, Port, and Transport Economics) and Tom Goedebuure (business developer at Fleet Cleaner – Robotic Underwater Services). 

VYP as Foundation 

At Venturn, we understand that the entire journey is necessary to reach your destination. Former colleague Charlotte emphasises this with her election. In a relatively short time, she has grown from a VYP trainee to an authority within the maritime domain. This accentuates her talent, the relevance of fresh perspectives, and the added value of the VYP traineeship. This practical training programme offers young professionals with a wide range of educational backgrounds unique opportunities and practical tools to make fast progress. 

During this traineeship, you get the chance to work in various positions within the maritime supply chain. This has a solid practical dimension. You work on real assignments with Venturn’s clients under the guidance of experienced Venturn colleagues. The assignments are always tailored to your needs. The nature of your assignment is adjusted to what the company needs but, above all, on your qualities and needs as a trainee. Charlotte started as a Business Analyst at Nextlogic, which provides integrated planning for inland container shipping in the Port of Rotterdam. She continued her growth in her next assignment at Portbase as a Business Manager. Here, she completed her VYP traineeship and then joined the company permanently. 

Your VYP Perspective 

Are you a student, almost graduated, or a young professional with ambitions? VYP is a path upwards, but above all, it’s an unforgettable experience that is inherently valuable. It opens doors to numerous future perspectives and career opportunities without locking you into one path. All while delving into one of the most intriguing and relevant work environments of the moment: the maritime supply chain. 

During your VYP traineeship at Venturn, you gain direct work experience under the guidance of experienced professionals and alongside other trainees. From this collaboration, the most innovative ideas and valuable initiatives emerge. These stem from a close group of VYP trainees who, during the intensive programme, both professionally and informally work together. Charlotte’s journey demonstrates that this experience not only deepens your knowledge but also expands your network, giving you an edge in the competitive maritime world while focusing on your development. 

Maritime Leadership 

With her journey from trainee to Business Manager at Portbase in Rotterdam, Charlotte has made an impressive start to her career. Such a start is within reach for many young professionals. They will have different emphases, goals, and, therefore, different journeys. But success looks different for everyone. VYP is not just about dealing with the challenges of today but also about envisioning solutions for tomorrow and taking a leading role in them. With this, you contribute to solutions for the maritime sector and logistics. 

Venturn invites you to take the plunge. Discover your potential and grow from a talented starter to a Young Leader with the VYP traineeship. The place where your future in the maritime and logistics world begins. 

Sign Up 

The maritime supply chain greatly needs various types of expertise, especially the fresh perspectives and creativity that young professionals bring. Does your perspective contribute to the maritime supply chain? Discover it with us and get in touch. We’ll tell you more about the content and conditions of the traineeship and are happy to discuss whether you, too, will come aboard with us. 

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