The VYP traineeship

From training to leading

Take the initiative and start your career as a VYP. Because your talent is needed to build a future-proof maritime sector. For two years you will work as a junior consultant in the field of the maritime supply chain, while you improve your hard and soft skills in a team. How fast do you want to go?

The world of VYP.


The VYP traineeship is an investment in your future. Bring out the best of yourself and develop experience and leadership competencies while gaining knowledge at different companies in the supply chain. A plus on your resume! 


During your traineeship you will  accomplish two to four consultancy assignments at Venturn clients in the maritime supply chain. A complex world that never sleeps with dynamic multinational environments. You jump right into the deep end, with all the support you need. 


As a Venturn trainee you are a full-fledged Venturnian. The Venturn colleagues will support you to make your traineeship an unforgettable experience in which you learn more than you dare to dream and combine business with pleasure. We can’t make work any easier, but we can make it more fun. 

A two-year investment. A lifetime of benefit.

During the VYP program you will become acquainted with the maritime sector and its current challenges. The energy transition, sustainability, organizational change, digitization. There is a lot of knowledge and creativity, but above all there is a need for the fresh look of the leaders of the future. You develop professional knowledge, you develop skills, but you also get to know a lot of new people. People with the same ambition as you. 

The programme in a nutshell

Ready for a new adventure? After registration you first go through the selection process. We look closely at your personal wishes, your ambitions and your qualities. 

During the program you will work as a junior consultant for a client in your specific expertise. You often work together with your fellow trainees and Venturn consultants. 

It is not only about practical experience. Every month you follow a full day VYP group training. In addition, there is one joint theme or intervision night every month. 

As part of the traineeship, you will receive individual coaching during the two years programme. The emphasis is on your personal learning needs and you will receive tips and tools that you can immediately apply in your daily work. 

The VYP traineeship is suitable for starters with a university master’s degree who want to kickstart their career. You have the ambition, the skills and a maximum of two years of work experience. 

The curriculum

The training programme of a VYP consists of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills provide a practical basis for the theoretical models you know from your studies. 

Leadership is working on cooperation. Soft skills therefore emphasize the human and organizational dimension of the work. 

Participants can join the programme at any time. Will you put a VYP certificate in your backpack in 24 months? 

Hard Skills

  • Project Management (including IPMA-D) 
  • Process management (including Lean Six Sigma) 
  • Data analysis 
  • Agile Scrum 
  • Business simulations (e.g. Terminal Excellence) 

Interpersonal skills

  • Effective communication 
  • Leadership and ownership 
  • Pitching 
  • Personal branding 

Collaboration & Inspiration

  • Workshops on innovation and trends  
  • Team building 
  • Intervision and group discussions 
  • Company visits 

Our missons.

Hydrogen Value Chain Symposium

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Supporting the KNRM for 20 years

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We want you. Citizen of the world.

You feel at home in an international world in which not language and culture, but ambition is the common denominator. Change doesn’t happen to you; you prefer to lead it. That is why you are now working on a WO master’s degree or have just completed it. You and your fellow VYPs have a background in disciplines such as Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Naval Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics.

  • You are assertive and (almost) graduated.
  • You have 0-2 years of work experience.
  • You speak fluently Dutch and English.
  • Your CV shows an affinity with logistics and/or the maritime sector.
  • Extracurricular activities are a plus.

The map of our world.

Shipping companies

The Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) that are transported overseas are impressive. Nearly 1 billion containers pass through the world's 20 largest ports every year. Without shipping, the world economy stagnates.

Logistic service provides

The upcoming generations had become accustomed to 'Click to Deliver'. The dynamics in the supply chain are changing rapidly. System integrations, data platforms and Artificial Intelligence already play a crucial role in optimization. Digital leadership dictates the supply chain.

Container terminals

Majestic cranes glide almost fully automatically over the quays. The digital revolution is in full swing on the quays. Robotization and smart algorithms make transit efficient and sustainable.

Port authorities

Authorities keep control of the maze of activity in the ports, while the sector is in transition. A tremendously challenging environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

Liquid bulk terminals

Gas, chemistry and petroleum. We have to move to different energy sources. How do we help these companies participate in the energy transition? And how can we make current processes more sustainable?

Dry bulk

Sand, ore, grain and fertilizer. One ship brings in enough to supply some countries for months. The supply of food and energy relies on it.

Offshore companies

Offshore is not only transport, but also work. Dredged, built, salvaged. What a small country is big on. Think about offshore wind farms, sailing routes and creating new land.

Maritime technology

If we don't innovate, the future will look just like today. Floating solar panels, tidal current, electric ships. We also make the future on the water.

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