May 10, 2023

From VYP to HR Advisor

David Mak (31) joined Venturn in 2017 as a Consultant Executive Search. Six years have passed, and he is now HR Advisor at Hutchison Port ECT. During his working period at Venturn, he followed the Venturn Young Professionals Programme. We spoke to him about his experiences in the VYP programme, his current position and plans for the future. 

David studied Applied Psychology in Eindhoven, after which he did a bachelor’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology, followed by his master’s. During his master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he was able to do most of his studying from home. “I was home a lot and actually wanted to start working. Somewhere through a job board, I ended up on Venturn’s channels and I decided to apply. After several interviews, I was hired.” He started working at Venturn as a Consultant Executive Search and followed the VYP programme at the same time. Unlike his fellow VYPs, David did not work for various clients, but was fully involved with Venturn’s core business activities. I wanted to do a traineeship to further develop myself on a personal level.  At that time, I was not necessarily interested in the maritime and logistics sector. I developed that interest during my time at Venturn. In the meantime, I have gotten to know this sector better and better and I have become attached to it.’’  

Curious about the entire interview with David? Read it here!

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