June 16, 2023

Port innovation and a glimpse of the future

The past two training sessions of our VYP’ers were all about port innovation.

The two training sessions on the theme of Port Innovation were delivered by industry professionals Bart Kuipers, Maurice Jansen and Rosanne van Houwelingen. During these training sessions, the VYPs glanced at the future. Or rather, they took a journey through time. Through serious gaming, they simulated the port ‘Anydorp’. From different parties such as industry, logistics, transport and environmental organisation, discussions were held on the course to follow for 2030, 2040 and 2050 respectively. The end result? A greener port, fewer emissions, higher planet score and the focus mostly on hydrogen!

In the training sessions, our VYPs were not only challenged to think about innovation and sustainability, but were also given the opportunity to actively contribute to shaping the future of the port industry.


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