April 28, 2023

Top 10 highest paying jobs with a wo education

Are you looking for a well-paying job with a wo education? In this blog, we discuss the top 10 best-paying jobs with a wo education. Wo stands for scientific education that is taught at university and prepares students for jobs that pay well. Discover the best-paying jobs below, arranged in alphabetical order by job name.

Best paying jobs wo

The top 10 best paying jobs wo are given below. In other words, the high-paying jobs when you complete a university education. Please note, these top 10 are not ranked by the monthly salary you earn from the job, but in alphabetical order.

Best paid university wo study fields

The best paid university studies are those that allow you to become an accountant, lawyer, business economist, commercial director, developer, econometrist, internist, clinical chemistry researcher, strategic advisor or dentist. Studies at wo level that you can follow for this purpose are: tax and notarial law, medicine, information science, international business or dentistry. From these studies you will drag a well-paid job anyway. In fact, you will have one of the best-earning jobs up your sleeve after taking these studies.

The different sectors in which you can earn well

Besides different studies, there are also different sectors in which you can earn well. Examples of sectors in which you can find a well-paying job. These are the economy, health care, politics and media. However, it is important to note that the salary can vary by sector and position. For example, a job in healthcare may earn more than a job in politics, depending on the specific position and employer.

Difference in starting salary at college and university

There is a difference in starting salary between college and university graduates. In general, wo graduates earn more than hbo graduates. This is because a WO education often offers more specialized knowledge and is more focused on research. However, the exact difference in starting salary depends on several factors, such as the industry you will work in and the position you will hold.

Work and learn well-paid with the VYP program

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best paying wo jobs?

There are several high-paying jobs you can get with a wo education. Some examples of best paying jobs with a wo education are lawyer, internist and dentist. Note, however, that the salary for these jobs can vary depending on several factors, such as your experience, the industry you work in, and the region you work in.

What are the highest-paying college fields of study?

The best-paying university fields of study are degrees such as accountant, developer or dentist. To pursue these professions, you need to take the right course of study. For accountant you might study international business, for developer you might study information science and for dentist you might study dentistry. Check which study best prepares you for the job you want to do!

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