April 28, 2023

What is an entry-level job? The meaning of an entry-level job

As a (recent) graduate with a background in business administration, supply chain management, economics, urban ports and transport economics or in engineering, you will soon be looking for an entry-level job. But what exactly is that? It’s a junior position aimed at recent graduates. It is a job where you can learn a lot and develop yourself. In this article, we explain what an entry-level job is and what to look for when choosing the best entry-level jobs.

What is an entry-level job?

A starter or junior position is a junior-level job aimed at recent graduates. It is a position in which you, as an entry-level employee, have the opportunity to gain experience in a particular industry and where you can further develop and develop yourself. It is a stepping stone to a further career in your chosen industry.

There are several entry-level jobs available for recent graduates. These can be jobs in business administration, government, communications, engineering and other fields. Depending on your education and interests, you can choose a particular entry-level job.

Who is a junior position suitable for?

A junior position is suitable for recent graduates who want to develop and gain experience in their field. As a starter, it is important to choose a job that matches your interests and education. A junior position is aimed at people with little work experience and offers the opportunity to develop yourself into a medior or senior within a particular field.

Different junior starter jobs at wo level

There are several junior starter jobs available at wo level. Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) is a traineeship program aimed at recent graduates who want to develop in supply chain management and logistics. This program offers the opportunity to work at different companies and gain experience in the industry. There are also wo entry-level positions available in business administration, government and communications.

Choosing best entry-level jobs for recent graduates

It is important to look carefully at the job requirements and job duties of the entry-level job vacancy. In addition, you can also look at the company culture and opportunities for advancement within the company. If you find it difficult to make a choice, it is wise to talk to people already working in the sector you are interested in.

Starter jobs in the Netherlands and abroad

There are many job openings for starters both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the Netherlands, most starter jobs can be found in the big cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Breda. The advantage of a starter job abroad is that you not only develop your professional skills, but also your personal development.

Advancing from a junior to medior and senior position

You can grow from a junior position to a medior or senior position by following training and courses, obtaining certificates and gaining more experience in the field. Building a network is also an essential step.

Get started immediately as a starter with the VYP programme

If you are a recent graduate looking for an entry-level job, Venturn’s VYP program may be the ideal option. This program offers recent graduates the opportunity to develop into professionals. The program lasts 24 months year and consists of various trainings and assignments within various organizations and focuses on four pillars: personal development, business knowledge, leadership and professional skills.

Want to learn more about the VYP program or apply? On our website you can ask questions or make comments via the contact form, the phone number (010 304 20 70) or the call back option.

Frequently asked questions

What is an entry-level position?

This is a junior position for recent graduates with little or no work experience. It is designed to gain your first work experience and further develop in your field.

Who is a junior entry-level position suitable for?

A junior entry-level job is suitable for recent graduates with little or no work experience. It offers the opportunity to gain experience, grow in your field and develop yourself further.

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