Do you want to realise digital and sustainable transitions in the global supply chain? The traineeship at Venturn will prepare you for that.

Are you following a WO master’s and wondering what your next steps are? Get to know the Venturn Young Professional (VYP) programme! This traineeship enables you to really make a difference. As a VYP trainee, the maritime world is at your feet. Over two years, you will learn how to shape the future of the maritime sector on themes such as energy transition and digitalisation.

Do these themes appeal to you? Then take a look at our traineeship vacancy and apply immediately.

Are you ready to step on board at Venturn? Then respond immediately.

If you are enthusiastic about joining a traineeship and are curious to know if it is the right choice for you, contact us via chat, the contact form or by phone on 010 304 20 70. We will get back to you quickly and deal with all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Traineeship for young talent

The longer you study, the more you sometimes get the feeling that you have only just arrived. The world is complex and so are the challenges we face. At Venturn, we can put your talent to good use. As a VYP, you will make a difference for companies in the maritime supply chain. To that end, we will help you develop your talent. As a Venturn trainee, you will go through a 24-month programme. This will introduce you to the dynamic and exciting worlds of offshore, consultancy and maritime economy.


Maritime talent programme for young professionals

The leaders of the future are waiting below deck right now. At Venturn, we desperately need those leaders and are not waiting for them to surface on their own. That is why, through the Venturn talent programme, we get them used to being at the helm themselves.

Will you become a VYP trainee? Then your curriculum will include:

  • Hard skills (IPMA-D, Lean Six Sigma, data analysis and Scrum)
  • Personal skills (effective communication, pitching and leadership)
  • Inspiration and collaboration (company visits, group discussions and inspiration sessions)



For whom is the VYP traineeship?

The VYP traineeship vacancy is aimed at maritime young professionals. What do we mean by that? You are someone who is working on or has just finished a (WO) master’s degree. Now you want to develop your skills in a specific direction. Preferably in a way that makes an impact and contributes to a better world. Because also – or especially – in the maritime sector there are big issues waiting for original solutions and the leadership needed to implement them by working at different companies in a short time.

You are a master student in, for example, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Shipbuilding, Mechanical Engineering, Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics and have your sights set on the horizon. Making an impact, innovating and being sustainable characterise your ambitions. Recognisable? Then the traineeship vacancy at Venturn is a beckoning prospect for you.



Projects for organisations in the maritime supply chain

Before you head out into the wide world, you will have both feet firmly on the quayside. A VYP traineeship in the Netherlands also means that you will also work mainly in the Netherlands. Specifically, you will work on two to four projects at leading companies in the maritime supply chain.

What should you think about?

Working on projects that increase the efficiency or sustainability of a supply chain. For example, by implementing analysis tools, changing the organisational model or converting a fleet or ship. Complex projects, in which you can contribute and in which you can profile yourself as a young leader!



Explore the industries within the maritime supply chain

The maritime sector is a dynamic world that is as much on the quayside as at sea. As a VYP trainee, you will get to know it in all its facets. From cargo handling to port authorities. From logistics process to data analysis.

Apply directly as a trainee at Venturn

You will not only get to work with theory, but we will also introduce you directly to practice. So fill in the contact form to apply for this traineeship. We will get back to you soon.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I stay in the Netherlands during my traineeship?

    In principle, the traineeship takes place in the Netherlands and at companies that are (partly) based in the Netherlands. An occasional trip abroad may be part of the traineeship programme.

    Are there currently any traineeship vacancies available?

    You can apply continuously and always join a traineeship programme. When you apply, we will check together whether there is a match. Is there? Then you can often start on one of the modules very soon.