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Traineeship data analyst? Come on board at Venturn and dive into the data behind the maritime supply chain. Check out our VYP programme here.

Do you want to use your data skills to make a difference? Nowhere is this more possible than in the maritime supply chain, which literally spans the globe. We introduce you to the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) programme. A traineeship in the maritime and offshore sectors, with a strong focus on digitalisation and data analysis.

Get on board at VYP and join us on the adventure.

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Traineeship as data analyst for young talent

Modern ports are big: both the physical size and the activity that takes place there. Large ships, billions of containers and numerous parties in the maritime chain lead to a gigantic amount of information flows. The scale of this world can really only be captured properly in data. That is why VYP offers a two-year data traineeship, in which you will work on various assignments at clients and partners of Venturn that are active in the field of digitalisation and data analytics.


For whom is the data traineeship?

VYP focuses on young talent with ambitions in the maritime sector. Specifically, you have (almost) a WO master’s degree and are at the beginning of your career. But you are more than just your skills and talent: you want to make an impact. Greening, sustainability, improvement. There are plenty of challenges waiting in the maritime supply chain in this where your talent and ambition are much needed.

We welcome starting professionals from different disciplines such as Business Information Management, Data Science and Business Analytics, but also Supply Chain Management and Mechanical Engineering. What matters most is that you have ambition and a passion for data. In a traineeship in data analytics, the emphasis is on that, after all.


Invent solutions by performing data analytics for maritime organisations

In the maritime supply chain, even the smallest margins count. Financially, but equally in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Even the smallest disruptions can have huge consequences for the chain. There is also a lot to gain in terms of data exchange and automation. You can make that difference in two to four assignments at data-driven organisations in the maritime sector.

On a data traineeship, you will work on assignments such as:

– Process optimisation at a container terminal
– Implementation of an application to improve processes at a barge operator
– Improving KPIs at maritime organisations


Develop your knowledge of data at leading companies

At VYP, you will further develop your data skills and apply your knowledge directly. You will do so at offshore companies, terminals, logistics service providers and port authorities, among other places. You will work together with other participants of the VYP programme, but also with experienced colleagues from Venturn. This will give you plenty of opportunity to gain more knowledge and develop the leader in you.

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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    Is the programme only a data traineeship?

    The traineeship focuses on the maritime supply chain in all its facets. Based on your talent and ambition, you will choose a particular focus within the traineeship. It is certainly not the only option to follow the traineeship as a data analyst. Through the assignments you work on, you can either deepen or broaden your knowledge.

    What does a traineeship in data analytics look like?

    You will complete a (paid) traineeship of 24 months. You will mainly work on practical assignments together with other professionals. If you complete the programme with a focus on data, your clients will be specialists in data analysis, sharing data and implementing improvements based on data.