Management Traineeship

Looking for a traineeship in management? Get on board the dynamic world of offshore and become a leader in global supply chains.

As a master’s student, you are, by definition, looking at the horizon. What awaits you? A management traineeship for WO master’s students at Venturn broadens your horizons. Over two years, you will learn about issues such as digitalisation and sustainability. You will work with organisations in the port, transport and logistics sector.

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Management traineeship for young talent

You follow a challenging Master’s programme because you have ambition. For example, because you see a great career ahead of you, but also because you want to make a difference in the world around you. At Venturn, we are looking for young talent with a fresh outlook to tackle today’s challenges. We don’t throw them in at the deep end. Instead, we offer a 24-month management traineeship with VYP, in which we prepare you for management and consultancy in the maritime world.

Talent programme for young professionals

VYP focuses on talent. People with ambition, who want to make a difference and just don’t yet know exactly how. There are plenty of big challenges in the maritime sector. The energy transition, digitalisation, complex supply chains. To meet these challenges, it is all hands on deck. But not just anyone, especially the latest insights and creativity are needed.

Are you applying for a management traineeship at Venturn? Then your curriculum will include:

  • Personal skills (effective communication, pitching and leadership)
  • Hard skills (IPMA-D, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum and data analysis)
  • Inspiration and collaboration (company visits, inspiration sessions and group discussions)

Who is a management traineeship at Venturn for?

You are someone pursuing a WO master’s degree in, for example, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Shipbuilding, Urban, Ports and Transport Economics or Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics and you want to make an impact with your skill set? To see that your work makes a difference and also not always be glued to a desk. VYP offers you exactly that. The perfect mix between knowledge and doing, where you always see the impact of your own work.

We welcome both recent graduates and young professionals with some work experience (maximum 2 years) to the VYP programme.

Experience various management positions at corporates and companies in the maritime supply chain

A corporate management traineeship at VYP is by no means boring. During the 24 months of your traineeship, you will work on around two to four assignments. You will do this at organisations in the maritime sector, together with your fellow VYP’ers and/or experienced Venturn colleagues.

Some examples?

Think of a multinational company that wants more insight into their global supply chains and is implementing a data analysis tool to do so. Making a ship, fleet or business model more sustainable are also projects you can work on at VYP

Explore industries within the maritime supply chain

The maritime sector is a unique world that is as much on the quay as it is at sea. During your management traineeship, you will get to know this world in all its facets. From containers to bulk goods, from digitalisation to sustainability.

Go to work on management projects for leading companies

The great thing about these projects is: you are directly with your feet in the clay – or the water, rather. That doesn’t mean we throw you in at the deep end right away. Together with your colleagues, you will take a look behind the scenes at terminal operators, shipping lines, port authorities, offshore companies and logistics service providers, among others.

Apply directly as a management trainee at Venturn

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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    What is a management traineeship?

    A management traineeship is a structured and paid training programme. You combine working with learning and acquire all the skills to become a fully-fledged management consultant in the maritime sector.

    Are there any management traineeships for hbo?

    In principle, management traineeships require a WO degree. We gladly encourage ambitious HBO graduates to pursue a suitable WO master's degree to set course for a future in the maritime supply chain.