Maritime traineeship

Maritime traineeship? Discover the world of terminals, offshore and port companies. Develop yourself into a leader in the maritime supply chain.

Come on board Venturn as a trainee in the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) programme. A two-year maritime traineeship for people who want to shape a better, smarter and sustainable maritime supply chain. Because on and by the water we are building the future:Transport of goods and raw materials, offshore wind farms, sustainable hydropower plants. As the current and future economy are closely linked to water, your knowledge, talent and leadership are needed to shape this future.

Do you want to contribute to this? Then respond to our maritime traineeship and apply as a VYP.
If you are enthusiastic about joining a traineeship and are curious to know if it is the right choice for you, contact us via chat, the contact form or by phone on 010 304 20 70. We will get back to you quickly and deal with all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Traineeship for maritime young talent

VYP is Venturn’s talent programme and traineeship. At Venturn, we deal with the challenges of companies in the maritime supply chain. Those challenges are closely related to developments in digitalisation and the energy transition. How do our products go around the world? Which data go through which systems in the process? And how do we make these huge organisations and processes sustainable? We desperately need your talent and ambition to find good answers to these questions. That is why, within the VYP programme, you will spend 24 months working on such issues at various maritime companies, while we train you to become a fully-fledged maritime professional.

Talent programme of Venturn in the maritime sector

During the traineeship, you will work on two to four assignments at Venturn clients in the maritime supply chain. You will also attend monthly group training sessions and engage in individual coaching to boost your personal development. As a VYP trainee, you will work on the following skills, among others:

– Hard skills (such as IPMA-D, data analysis, Lean Six Sigma and Scrum)
– Personal skills (such as effective communication and leadership)
– Collaboration and inspiration (such as intervision, company visits, team building)

For whom is the maritime traineeship intended?

VYP is looking for young professionals with the ambition to work on tomorrow’s maritime supply chain. You have (almost) a WO master’s degree in directions such as Maritime Engineering, Marine Technology, Shipbuilding or Mechanical Engineering and want an extraordinary workplace where you can make an impact. As a VYP, you get the chance to be at the helm and help set the course of the maritime sector. Because themes such as digitalisation and sustainability in the maritime supply chain affect us all.

Various projects for organisations in the maritime and logistics sector

VYP is a paid traineeship within which you immediately start working in practice. You will do this together with your fellow VYP trainees and Venturn professionals. Specifically, you will work on two to four assignments within your own expertise and interests at maritime and logistics companies in Venturn’s network. Work on challenging organisational issues such as digitalisation and sustainability at leading companies in the maritime supply chain. Think about streamlining logistics processes, improving ship data exchange or the realisation of an offshore wind farm.

Go to work on maritime issues for leading companies

During this maritime traineeship, you will get to know the dynamic world of the maritime supply chain in all its facets. From terminal operator to shipping company, from the Port Authority to global logistics service providers. Organisations you may or may not already know. All of them are leading organisations that have a great impact on the world around us.

Apply immediately as a trainee within the maritime sector

We are eager for your talent and quality. That is why we would like to get to know you. Apply as a VYP for a maritime traineeship by leaving your details. We will contact you soon.

    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    What does a traineeship in the maritime sector entail?

    As a trainee, the maritime traineeship is a full-fledged job and training programme in one. With your education and talent, you will immediately add value to our clients in the maritime supply chain. Through additional learning opportunities and activities, the traineeship ensures that you will be trained as a young leader in the maritime sector in two years.

    Does the maritime traineeship have fixed application dates?

    You can apply for a maritime traineeship at any time. The programme is flexible and partly tailored to your wishes and ambitions. So there are different entry moments.