Supply chain traineeship

Traineeship supply chain? Work towards better and more sustainable global supply chains with this supply chain management traineeship. Read on quickly.

Are you young, ambitious, (almost) in possession of a university master’s degree and want to contribute to a better world? Venturn offers a supply chain management traineeship in the maritime sector with its Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) programme. . In this supply chain traineehsip, in two years you will get to know several organisations, optimise their processes and perhaps guide them through difficult issues around digitalisation and the energy transition. s We will be happy to help you take the first steps.

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Traineeship within supply chain for young talent

We consume more than ever and all the products we use often take a long and complex journey. That brings challenges. Because how do we balance this prosperity with sustainability? How can we make supply chains more efficient and sustainable with new technology? These are topics in which you will become an expert during your supply chain traineeship at Venturn. Over two years, you will work at several organisations within the maritime supply chain. .

Talent programme at Venturn

Leadership and talent are essential to drive change. That talent is what you come to bring. You stand firmly with two feet in today’s world, but have your sights set on tomorrow’s world. With our knowledge and your talent, you will be able to lead the changes needed in maritime supply chains. Skills as part of the VYP programme:

– Hard skills (such as IPMA-D project management, Lean Six Sigma, data analysis and Scrum)
– Inspiration and collaboration (including group discussions, inspiration sessions and company visits)
– Personal skills (such as effective communication and personal leadership)

For whom is this management traineeship in supply chain?

You have (almost) a master’s degree in, for example, Supply Chain Management, Mechanical Engineering or Urban Ports and Transport Economics . But above all, you are someone with an outspoken ambition , to improve processes and make an impact on the future.

The VYP traineeship is a 24-month (paid) programme that trains you to become a professional who takes organisations in the maritime supply chain by the hand in the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Projects for various organisations in the maritime supply chain

Specifically, your traineeship in supply chain will consist of two to four assignments at Venturn clients or partners. Together with your colleagues at Venturn, you will work at organisations such as logistics service providers, container terminals or port authorities. There, you will work on, for example, process optimisation, digitalisation of chains or sustainability in organisational processes. Your talent and ambitions will help determine the focus of those assignments.

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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    What is a traineeship in supply chain?

    In this traineeship, we work with parties from the entire chain. Processes in the maritime supply chain are comprehensive and carried out on a global scale A large proportion of all products, raw materials and energy carriers are transported by water at some point. The global economy literally floats on water. During your traineeship, you will learn about the maritime supply chain and the challenges of organisations working in it.

    What does the traineeship vacancy in supply chain entail?

    The vacant programme is a 24-month programme with a strong focus on personal development and gaining leadership skills and expertise in the maritime sector. During these two years, you will be employed by Venturnin and work various assignments that will enable you to shape the future of this sector yourself.