May 7, 2024

Project EMSWe as a window to a new world

In two recent articles, we looked at the European Maritime Single Window environment (EMSWe), taking a look at its content and impact. This research ensures that Venturn is always aware of new developments in the maritime supply chain. In doing so, the design of this research ensures the inspiration of a new generation of maritime leaders through the Venturn Young Professional traineeship.

VYP Traineeship

The Venturn Young Professional traineeship concerns a two-year post-graduate traineeship that offers young talent the opportunity to develop their skills within the maritime sector. This sector, which is not the first on the radar of young talent, is essential for both the Dutch economy and our position in the world. Within this sector there is a considerable dynamic, and it is the place for a wide range of knowledge and specializations. Therefore, Venturn Young Professionals or VYP’s represent diverse backgrounds, ranging from economics and psychology to data science and supply chain management. It is from the diversity of perspectives that the maritime supply chain of tomorrow is shaped.

Venturn and research

As discussed in the first two articles on the subject, the EMSWe is a European Union regulation aimed at simplifying and harmonizing the exchange of data arising from maritime reporting formalities. From initial research, it appeared that the EMSWe initiative creates many questions. Many partners in the maritime supply chain had questions about the concept in general, the concrete change it can bring about in the industry, and the impact on various stakeholders. Venturn, as an organization dedicated to expertise in the maritime supply chain, is therefore delighted to undertake this research to gain substantive knowledge on topics such as the EMSWe. By building this expertise, we can provide our network with new insights, and offer support where it is needed.

Project EMSWe: Docking as a VYP

Initiating a research project provides a valuable opportunity for both Venturn, and the Young Professionals within the VYP traineeship. Clients rely on Venturn’s expertise to navigate the complex playing field that is the maritime supply chain. Due to the highly international scope of the industry and the high economic importance involved, the need for knowledge is enormous and so are the potential benefits of optimization. By conducting research, Venturn ensures that it has a knowledge position on relevant developments in the maritime sector, and therefore is and remains the point of contact for all actors in the maritime supply chain.

At the same time, the research offers VYP trainees an excellent opportunity to learn about the maritime supply chain and further their professional development. VYP trainees also work directly on their own skill set, which is greatly appreciated by clients. Thereby, VYP’s can always ensure tangible impact during their assignments.

The research’s benefits are undeniable, but to provide additional information, hereafter we further explain how the research has made a difference to VYP trainees.

The maritime supply chain – a world of opportunities

As mentioned before, Venturn Young Professionals, or VYP’s, play a major role in the research into the content and impact of the EMSWe in the maritime supply chain. VYP’s not only overviews organizational matters but are also fully involved in collecting and processing information. This puts them in contact with academics, industry experts, customers and government officials in addition to the necessary desk research.

“It is highly interesting through this research to also discover the potential impact on daily practice in my assignment at APM Terminals,” says Arthur Kavelaars.

Partly because of the broad impact the EMSWe brings with it throughout the maritime supply chain, it means gaining contacts and information from many angles in the chain. As a result, VYP’s encounter all kinds of different organizations, people and challenges. Moreover, VYP’s experience which aspects of the chain make their maritime heart beat the fastest. The Young Professionals also create a knowledge position that is relevant to both clients and Venturn. Accordingly, insights gained can directly be applied within current and future assignments.

Steering towards success: captaincy on the EMSWe research

Making a project like this successful requires good leadership. Coincidentally, leadership is one of Venturn’s cornerstones. VYP’s, through proactive pitching and networking, created engagement and interest among parties in the maritime supply chain for Venturn’s EMSWe research. This has enabled them to expand their network by making contacts, organizing interviews, and setting up follow-up appointments.

“The EMSWe project has given me the opportunity to get to know experts within the maritime industry, and add to my network,” Vincent Dijkstra explains, currently working on an assignment at North Sea Port.

After the interviews with industry experts provided a clear picture of the content and impact of the EMSWe, the VYP’s also took the lead in processing this information into valuable insights. This included developing strategies to make this information commercially interesting for Venturn, its customers and relevant stakeholders. In this way, VYP’s, with signature leadership qualities and subject matter expertise, are an asset to all parties in the maritime supply chain.

Anchoring at Venturn

The EMSWe research serves a valuable function for both new and existing VYP’s. As a project in which all VYP’s participate before, between or alongside their assignments, it creates an opportunity for mutual meetings, conversations, and the exchange of insights. This dynamic is exemplary for the VYP program and strengthens the bond between the VYP trainees.

“The best thing about the EMSWe project is that I can work together with my fellow VYP trainees alongside my work at EVOS,” Nick Janssen comments.

Moreover, this project is a valuable addition for new VYP trainees. It gives them the opportunity to feel at home immediately, as they can contribute to a structured project with clear goals and guidelines, while becoming familiar with Venturn as an organization, and the maritime supply chain in which Venturn operates. In addition, such a project ensures that new colleagues and fellow trainees instantly connect and collaborate with each other.

Standing on your own sea legs

The EMSWe research plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition from student life to professional working life, a phase that can often involve many new impressions, situations, and environments. By being directly involved in research like this, in a group consisting of trainees who are at the same age and career phase, the EMSWe research provides a fine place to get to know yourself in this new situation. That is how you go from course reading to course setting.

“The EMSWe research enabled me to apply learning by doing. Through this project I was able to apply the knowledge and tools gained in my studies bit by bit in practice,” states Virginia Gonzalez Pouso.

Will you be our new VYP?

The EMSWe really proved to be a window into a new world, for Venturn, the VYP’s, and the maritime supply chain. As such, the research is having a significant impact. Thanks to this research, VYP’s cannot only contribute to the further development of the maritime sector, but also hone and expand their own leadership skills.
Are you a recent graduate or are you orienting your career after graduation? Venturn is always looking for talent for a paid traineeship, where you will be introduced to the dynamic world of the maritime sector. Apply without obligation and we will look at the possibilities to broaden your horizon.

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